Are you one of more than 50 million care givers in the United States? If so, we understand the many challenges you face in taking care of loved ones!


You’re stuck, overwhelmed, and tired?  we’re here to help finding your way forward.

Mission Statement​ is here to help you. the care giver, cope with the endless test of your love and patience. Loved ones, who need care from you are generally older family members who are incapable of doing many of things that they could do when they were younger. They often feel, as you know already frustrated at their condition and their need to depend on you. 

You try to resist treating your loved ones as children, despite the temptation to do so. They are your mothers or fathers, siblings, nephews, or nieces, or even a close friend that no one else can or wants to care for. You find yourself in a situation which is very stressful; for yourself and for the person for whom you are providing care.

In many cases there are excellent insurance policies which help pay for or augment what the loved one needs. However, the actual care falls on you! No one can put a price tag on your emotional and physical stress in providing that care. No matter what an insurance policy pays for the care there is always the need for help in providing the myriad things your loved ones need.

Service and Support

The team at provides you with support in many ways and here is how we work to help you:

If you hire us to help you we will ask you to give us written permission to act on your behalf with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, transportation companies (both free and paid for), insurance companies, medical reporting companies and whatever other companies you deal with in order to take care of your loved one. We will NOT ask you for permission to handle any money, have access to any banking information, or to receive or change anything that you do not want to have access.

You are still in charge of caring for your loved one(s). We just want to make things easier for you!

Once we have your permission we will provide with the following services:

  • Setting up doctor (primary and referrals) visits
    re confirming doctor visits (as you well know that almost all doctors require the endless re confirming of all appointments in order to protect themselves from no-shows)
  • Changing doctors’ appointments when necessary…and re confirming
  • setting up and confirming laboratory visits.
  • setting up pharmacy prescriptions  and dealing with changes
  • Arranging special care as necessary, including private nursing. We will even help you find special care on a as needed basis if the loved one is going through an especially difficult period.
  • We will arrange all transportation to and from all appointments as necessary, using either free local county services or paid services such as Uber or Lyft. In certain areas we can provide a person to go with the loved one to their appointment. There will be a separate fee for this service (as there will be for Uber or Lfyt).
  • Where possible, we will try to arrange free food. This varies from community to community, but we will try our best to seek out those free meal services.
  • We will talk directly with your loved one 15 minutes per day, 7 days per week (With your approval). This feature is unique to and is one of the most important services we provide. Many older people, while knowing they are being cared for, still need to talk every day to someone who will listen with love and provide a small antidote to loneliness.
  • We will also help you to try and cope with insurance forms and any other obstacles in your daily routine as it pertains to taking care of your loved one.

Our fee is by monthly subscription through PayPal. You can cancel at any time. Because of the amount of time in setting up all accounts the first month subscription is non refundable.

Monthly subscription is $750. 

Use any  Debit Card or Credit Card

You’re stuck, overwhelmed, and tired? we’re here to help finding your way forward.

Services Included

Medical Prescriptions Services

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Medical Prescriptions Services

Get prescriptions to pharmacies then filled and delivered
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Phone Service

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Scheduled telephone calls to patients when desired. This can be a very important part of the care for a patient as caregivers often do not have time or desire to be good listeners! staff will be willing “friends” of the patient. This service will depend on common sense limits on time.
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Transportation Services

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Transportation Services

Arrange transportation to and from doctor, lab appts and all other appts using transportation allowed by Medicare, or Uber/Lyft. (Uber/Lyft) need to be arranged up front for payment.
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Appointments and Reservations

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Appointments and Reservations

make appts with doctors, labs, dentists, rehab services, and all other necessary appts such as adult community services, and restaurant visits. receive and verify appts by phone and fax and forward to caregiver.
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